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Upcoming Programs

Drop in Ball Hockey – Mondays from 6-7pm (7-12 year olds) and 7-8pm (13 yrs+)

Ready To Serve – Kids Program where they learn more about their faith and the history and Doctrines of The Salvation Army. Ages 7-12 held on Tuesdays from 430 – 6pm.

Bible Study – Tuesday mornings at 10 am starting September 22nd. This group meets weekly for a cup of coffee and study of God’s Word. Thursdays at 7 pm starting January 21, 2016. We are looking at The Crucibles. For more information on either bible study, please contact the office at 604 792 0311 or by email

The Zone Program – Grades 6 to 8. For more information, please call the Children/Youth Coordinator at 604 792 0311 or email

The Word Program – Grades 9 to 12. For more information, please call the Children/Youth Coordinator at 604 792 0311 or email

Rainbow Seniors meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Program, Fellowship and Lunch. A schedule can be provided of dates and what’s happening.

Sunday Morning Worship Service – Each Sunday at 10 am followed by refreshments in the fellowship hall.

Food Items Needed for Foodbank!

The Salvation Army Chilliwack Foodbank is desperately needing food items for the food bank.  We seriously need things with protein: canned meat, peanut butter, beans etc, canned vegetables, soup, noodles, breakfast items, coffee and tea and pretty much EVERYTHING!! We are accepting food items at The Salvation Army Care and Share Centre, 45746 Yale Road, Monday to Friday between 9 am to 12 noon, 12:30 to 4 pm.


Each time you visit your local Chilliwack grocery store you have the opportunity to support The Chilliwack Food Bank by purchasing one of these BC Shares coupons.

Your $2 donation helps the Chilliwack Food Bank purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and other products from local grocery stores.

When you purchase a BC Share Coupon, the funds go directly into an account with our name on it.  When we are low on supplies, we will go to our local stores and use these funds to directly purchase food.

This is a great way to support your local food bank on a weekly basis.

For only $2 you can make a difference!

Stop by any grocery store in town today and make your contribution.

Headlines from Salvation Army in Canada

Note: These links will take you to the National SA website.

  • Hope in a Box -

    As she sat quietly waiting for her bag of food items at The Salvation Army in Toronto’s community of Agincourt, Nicole had more than feeding her four hungry children on her mind. With a near empty bank account, she couldn’t provide winter wear for her family or afford to keep her dog. And Christmas, which was just around the corner, would be especially difficult.

    “When I came to The Salvation Army I was depressed, mentally overwhelmed and just plain exhausted,” says [...]

  • Salvation Army Addresses Mental Illness -

    Statistics reveal that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness and research states that by 2020, depression will be the leading cause of disability on the planet. Mental health issues are real.  Just ask anyone who suffers with them about the debilitating effects it has on work and personal life.

    People with mental illness face poverty, unemployment, homelessness and social isolation. What can be done to help end a disease that costs people so dearly?

    “We have to change our ideas [...]

  • Salvation Army Provides Additional Services during Cold Weather Alerts -

    Across Canada, extreme cold weather alerts are bringing about increased services for The Salvation Army.

    “It was like she was waiting for us to come,” says one Salvation Army street outreach worker, who discovered a young, pregnant lady, in sub-zero temperatures, resting her head on a garbage bag containing all her belongings.”

    During extreme cold weather alerts, the primary focus of Salvation Army mobile outreach services is to provide transportation to appropriate shelter.

    “The harsh winter weather causes many staying outside to want [...]