The Salvation Army Mission Statement

The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs, and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.

The Salvation Army in Chilliwack began in 1924 and today encompasses two ministry centers: the Chilliwack Community Church and the Care & Share Centre. Majors Orest and Tracy Goyak are the senior pastors of the Church and serve as Executive Directors of the Care & Share Centre.

Chilliwack Community Church provides for the spiritual needs of our community.

The Care & Share Centre is where we operate all of our social services programs. Some of these include the Food Bank, a homeless shelter, a Soup Kitchen, a Thrift Store and recycling warehouse, and the Homeless Outreach program.

The Salvation Army in Chilliwack is a member of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Association of Food Banks, and the Chilliwack Ministerial Association. We are a registered charity with receipt granting privileges for income tax purposes. All of our ministries are offered to all persons in need regardless of race, creed, gender, status or age.

The Salvation Army began in London, England in 1865, under William Booth. Booth was a Methodist minister who simply saw the human need all around him and Christ’s command to ‘feed my sheep’ as one and the same calling. Starting as “The Christian Mission” in the East End of London, England, it was re-named The Salvation Army in 1878, to reflect the increasingly military structure the movement had adopted. Booth took on the title of “General”.

The Salvation Army came to Canada just four years later, with outdoor worship services being held in Toronto in 1882. The Vancouver Divisional Headquarters opening in 1899. From the beginning, the Salvation Army in Canada adopted founder William Booth’s philosophy that there is little point preaching ‘salvation’ to hungry people. And so the concept of ‘soup and salvation’ took hold. This concept was later developed into the comprehensive social service programs The Salvation Army operates today, many of them in partnership with government.

The Salvation Army is now the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in Canada. There are over 320 corps (churches) and over 120 social service institutions of various kinds. It strives to give hope and support to vulnerable people today and everyday in 400 communities across Canada and 115 countries around the world.

The Salvation Army’s work in Chilliwack began 1924, with two female officers, Ensign Mary Dorin and Captain Pearl Coombs. They built the original Church on Yale Road (now Salish Plaza) the next year. The work of the Salvation Army in Chilliwack has continued to grow as our city has grown. Current facilities were dedicated to the Lord’s work in 1983.