Youth Programs



The Zone is the Salvation Army Chilliwack Church’s group of wildly fun, adventure seeking youth. We love having great times together and finding new games and events to do together; as well as just enjoying life together! The main point here is together! We love hanging out with each other and having “real” conversations about the stuff that really matters and finding out what God and the Bible have to say about these things. The closeness of the group is what makes the Zone such an excellent place.

The word

The Zone is for grades 6-12, and our leadership team is made up of the most excellent volunteers; all thrilled to engage and help out at every turn. We meet every Wednesday for “The Word” at 6pm-7pm, which is the youth version of Bible based discussion. We talk about really important issues in the world and our lives. We eat awesome snacks and support each other in prayer. We also have the Friday night event where we play games, have snacks, hang out, and even go out to do fun and crazy things together. Friday nights we meet a 6pm-8pm.